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How Do Astronauts Brush Teeth In Space

How Do Astronauts Brush Teeth In Space


Because there is air-less in space because it is zero gravity. So, how did they do activity there including brushing teeth? This is a proper question asked by many people because living or staying on Earth is different from space.

How Do Astronauts Brush Teeth In Space

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For sure, strong and healthy teeth are an essential thing which will help the astronaut body absorbing the intensive shocks. There is extreme pressure in space and it might make potential risk if they don’t have healthy gums and teeth. So, how do astronauts brush teeth in space?

How Do Astronauts Brush Teeth In Space

Brush Teeth in Space

  • Because there is no gravity in outer space, many questions are coming from civilian such as the way astronauts brush teeth in space, the water supply, and much more. Somehow, NASA can handle it so everything will be restrained although everything will be floating in space including tube and toothpaste, toothbrush, saliva, and the astronauts. For avoiding floating toothpaste tube, astronaut sticks it to the dots that it will not float away.
  • Further, of course there is neither sink nor water. Then, to rinse their mouth, they use small amount of water placed in a bag so they take it with a straw.
  • So, where is the place to spit it? Well, they swallow it, for sure. It might sound complicated, but they have to adapt it. Further, the demonstration when astronauts brush their teeth in space on video becomes one of the most sites visit. This is because many people are curious of this.

Demonstrates How to Brush Your Teeth in Space Video

All of the risks become the part of the imagination about live without gravity. That also becomes the image of human future life when the other space beside of earth is needed for solving the population problem.

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How can people feel comfortable of living in other planets if for brushing their teeth only they need to practice the different way from the common one done in everyday life in the earth?


White Teeth

White Teeth

In other words, it can be said that maybe the question about how do astronauts brush teeth in space is not the important question. Nevertheless, if we are looking into the condition of the earth now, that can be an important one.

The pollution and the increasing population becomes the reason why we must think about the possibility of living in zero gravity space in the future. It maybe something strange for swallowing the rest of brushing tooth but if that means a normal life, so that must be practiced.

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