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How Do Babies Brush Teeth

How Do Babies Brush Teeth Easily

You might curious when the right time baby should brush their teeth and how do they do it. Telling your baby how to brush their teeth correctly is extremely importance for it can become a good habit for your children.

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How Do Babies Brush Teeth

Thus, you can educate them by wiping their teeth while bathing using wet washcloth which is soft. For your information, you don’t need toothpaste to wipe it. Just simply use the wet cloth and wrap it to your finger. After that, you can gently wipe it. So, how do babies brush teeth? Find it here!

babies brush teeth

Brush Babies Teeth

Before showing your babies how to brush their teeth, you should tell them the importance of brushing teeth so they will realize it and do it happily.

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You can tell them that if they do not their teeth, it can damage their teeth and make their mouth full of bacteria which is dangerous for them. Thus, it will make them realize the importance of brushing tooth. Not to mention, they will brush their teeth happily.

  • You can start brushing your babies teeth when they are 15-18 months. Don’t need to wait until they have their milk tooth because you can start with wiping their gums.
  • Then, if you want to brush your babies teeth using toothpaste, you should ensure that it contains only small amount of fluoride. Just put a dot of toothpaste on the bristle and you can start to tell your babies how do brush teeth.
  • Your babies can brush their teeth twice a day. By brushing babies teeth gently, they will not feel hurt. As well as you can tell them the importance brushing teeth, you need to tell them this is important too brushing their tongue and gums. This way can make your babies’ breath fresh.
  • And then, if we split the toothpaste after rinse it, it is different for babies. They do not need to split it because they can swallow it and it will be fine for them.


baby teeth we have another tooth popping through

baby teeth we have another tooth popping through

The ways of how do babies brush teeth are important so your babies can learn how to protect their teeth. Then, this becomes your duty as parents to educate them how to brush babies’ teeth. If you understand with these steps and tips, then you can practice it at home with your babies. The more example of how to brush babies teeth you can see in the pictures. It will ease you to practice it.

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