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How Do I Brush A Dogs Teeth

How Do I Brush a Dogs Teeth You Can Pratice

brushing dogs teeth puppy

How Do I Brush A Dogs Teeth

This is important to keep my dog clean. That is why I regularly bathe my dog. Not only is that, I also brush his teeth because it is essential for his health. If so far you just bathe your dog or let the pet salon did it for you, you can now do it your own.

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Today I will show you how do I brush a dogs teeth so it looks clean. Actually, I cannot say that it is easy to do. Yet I don’t say that it is hard. Then you can practice it so you will know the complexity of brushing dogs teeth.

dog teeth dental

Things to Prepare

For the first time I try to brush my dog’s teeth, I experience some troubles. Then, my vet advised me to start it since my dog is puppy. I started it slowly and patiently until my dog is accustomed with toothpaste.

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And because this works, you can try it to your puppy. Further, before brushing my dogs teeth, I purchase the requirements such as toothbrush and toothpaste. Remember, the toothbrush and toothpaste for dogs is different from ours.

  • For the brush, you should choose the brush which is comfortable to your finger. You can ask for the pet store to find it for you. The better brush is which is small and made from plastic.
  • Further, you might use dental sponge too for brushing the dogs’ teeth. If you cannot find the brush, you can utilize clean gauze to clean your dogs’ teeth. Just wrap it to your finger and wipe the teeth.
  • Then, you can buy the toothpaste in the veterinarian. Here, you can find variety of toothpaste flavors such as peanut butter, lime, mint, and liver. Or, if you desire to make a new experiment, you can mix two different flavors or three.
  • You should not use human toothpaste to brush your dogs teeth for it is made from different ingredients and it can cause upset to his stomach.
brush dog teeth my mom trying to brush poppy teeth

brush dog teeth my mom trying to brush poppy teeth

The way to brush a dog is:

  • By gently put one of my hands underneath his chin.
  • After he rests his head in my head, I start to open his mouth.
  • It might take more than 10 times to open his mouth so you have to be more patient.
  • Then, I gently brush his upper teeth using brush which is covered with toothpaste.
  • Then, I give him water to rinse it. It’s ok for him to swallow the water.
  • I brush his teeth almost every day and give him gift after that.
  • It works, for sure!
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