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How Do You Brush Your Teeth After An Extraction

How Do You Brush Your Teeth After An Extraction And The Treatment Following

people have to take care of their teeth. they have to keep their teeth health and clean. there are several ways in keeping the health of teeth. it starts from brushing the teeth with toothbrush, check up routinely to dentist and eating a good food which does not produce much sugar. food with sugar content will cause damage to the teeth. the teeth which are already damage should be rooted up. then, you should think about how do you brush your teeth after an extraction.

how do you brush your teeth after an extraction with treatment

How Do You Brush Your Teeth After An Extraction

when you have broken tooth and it cannot be healed anymore, the only way is to root it up. the broken tooth will cause infection to other teeth and the mouth if it is not rooted up quickly. usually dentist will root the tooth up when the patient is not in a hurt condition. it means when the patient does not feel hurt in their tooth, it can be rooted up.

after you do the extraction of your tooth, you will not only think about the treatment and the faster healing. you will automatically think about how to brush your teeth. if you are not consider about the other teeth, you might get hurt when do brushing. brushing the teeth after extraction should be careful of the of the extraction site. you can use tongue to protect the site.

other than avoid the extraction teeth site for about a day, you also should just eat a light food such as ice cream or yogurt. drinking ice water also is able to make the blood freezing faster. when the blood is freezing faster, the healing of the tooth also will be faster. furthermore, gargling with warm salty water will against the infection of bacteria. those ways are important to make the tooth which is rooted up healing faster. hence, you can brush your teeth comfortably.

the healing of tooth extraction influences the brushing teeth extraction. you have to be careful both of the food you eat and the drink you drinking. the food should not be hard and spicy while the drinking should not bet hot and has alcohol content. moreover, brushing teeth extraction needs special tool and people who are know how to do it. how do you brush your teeth after an extraction will be easier if you focus on healing first.

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Updated: May 20, 2016 — 9:06 PM
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