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How Do You Brush Your Teeth In Space

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How Do You Brush Your Teeth in Space? Here let’s check it out!

how do you brush your teeth in space would be much more interesting question for you yet you will be able to feel that there is no normal circumstance like the way we do in the earth life. do you ever imagine that you will live in space and you brush your teeth as well. you will be able to imagine that brushing teeth in space would be something impossible because all the objects would fly over in the room as there is no gravitation to make the body stable. all the things of stuff in that space ship would run and go over everywhere like also the water that is actually used for doing tooth brush.

How Do You Brush Your Teeth In Space

astronauts should maintain oral hygiene. like chris hadfield says that there will be no gravity on the board space or even you cannot spit out the water when you do some tooth brushing. you know that the water would go everywhere if you do place your water in the glass because this would not work as well like you are in the are which there is te gravitation there. here let’s check the explanation of how do you brush your teeth in space with chris hadfield.

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these steps are possible!

these ways are quite incredible for you yet it is true when you do tooth brush in the space. you know that the first thing that you need is that you handle your tooth brush on your hand. then you will have water bottle that you need to push that to make the water out into the shape of ball. that ball water shape would fly and you need to grab your tooth brush to pick that water ball. you know that it would work well because the water would come to your brush. then you need to pick up the tooth paste and you attached it on the tooth brush. there you go now brush your teeth as normal way.

after that you finish your brushing your teeth. then you face for two choices. the first is that you need to spit it out or you may swallow that. it is up to you if you want to spit out of that then you need to grab something that is able to hold that spit like water bag or something. if you want to rinse your mouth then you grab the water bottle and you do that and spit it out again. that’s how do you brush your teeth in space precisely.

you know that it is quite strange for you to do such tooth brushing like that. yet that i the way of how do you brush your teeth in space. sometime you also need to have kinds of tooth paste that can be swallowed as well as it is safe for your tummy. it sounds really amazing yet little bit ridiculous. after you do teeth brush then you can wash your tooth brush with the form of ball water. shake that if you want your brush gets cleaned as how do you brush your teeth in simple way.

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Updated: October 8, 2015 — 9:10 PM
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