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How Do You Brush Your Teeth With An Electric Toothbrush

How To Use A Electric Toothbrush For Pleasure

The Right Way on How Do You Brush Your Teeth With an Electric Toothbrush?

brushing your teeth is very important to keep your teeth and mouth healthy. maybe most of you still use the manual toothbrush, but right now with all the technologies, we have electric toothbrush. they have similar impact on your teeth as long as you use it in the right way. the difference is only on the movement. you must move your regular toothbrush by yourself, but for an electric brush you only need to guide it. it is a perfect tool if you are lazy to clean through your mouth and teeth with manual toothbrush. even though it seems easier, it will be as useful as it should be if you use it wrongly. so, how do you brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush? here are the steps.

How to use a electric toothbrush for pleasure

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basically, there are two main types of electric toothbrush; the rotation oscillation type powered toothbrush and the side-to-side sonic type electric toothbrush. both of them have rather different technique in movement. like the name suggest the rotation type has round head with rotating movement, while the side-to-side has similar head shape with manual toothbrush. but, whatever types you choose; if you are still unfamiliar with electric toothbrush, you must learn to get used to it first. using electric tooth brush for brushing your teeth means that you only need to position the toothbrush head right, so the bristles reach the correct areas. but, sometimes because the head shape of the electric toothbrush is different than manual toothbrush, some people may not use to the vibrations; try to familiarize yourself is the best option. the effective way is to not using tooth paste first.

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Electric Toothbrush: rotation oscillation type powered toothbrushes vs side-to-side sonic type electric toothbrush

after you are familiar with an electric toothbrush, it’s time to focus on the right way in brushing your teeth with an electric tooth brush. both of the rotating oscillating type powered and the side-to-side type powered toothbrush use the same motion. usually tooth plaque forms along the gum line and in-between teeth, so we must focus on these areas. like manual brushes, place the bristles at a 45 degree angle toward your gums. gently move the toothbrush back and forth for each tooth, use approximately 5 to 10 seconds for every tooth. clean all off the outside teeth first, and then continue on the tongue before cleaning your back teeth. hold the toothbrush vertically while cleaning your front teeth.

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whatever type you use, first make sure your toothbrush is fully charged or it will be not as much as efficient anymore. apply toothpaste as you usually use, and turn on your brush. use your brush as mentioned in the previous paragraph. after you finish, rinse your mouth with water. clean the head of toothbrush in the water, and put the brush back on the. to keep the electric tooth brush to brush your teeth in shape, replace the head of your toothbrush at least every 3 months.

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so, the right way on how do you brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush is to brush your teeth at least two minutes correctly minimum twice a day. this rule is also applied if you use manual toothbrush. it is not only for the clean, but also healthy teeth and mouth in general.

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