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How Many Calories Burned Brushing Teeth

How Many Calories Burned Brushing Teeth?

for some people, to burn calories and fat should be done by way of exercising. however, what if it does not work out? are fat and calories can be burned as well? the answer is that it can! according to a health expert from england, some daily routine activities could be an alternative to burning calories. this is good news, isn’t it? even without heavy exercise, you can still burn calories in your body. one activity that can burn calories is brushing your teeth. then, how many calories burned brushing teeth?

as has been said, brushing teeth is a minor activity that can help you to burn calories. probably most of you do not know about it yet. how can simply by brushing your teeth can burn calories? how can brushing teeth can effectively burn calories? when you brush your teeth, try standing on one leg and do in turn. according to the study, standing on one leg while brushing your teeth can help burn 80 calories. in addition, this balance exercises can also help improve muscle strength and also good for your brain.

How Many Calories Burned Brushing Teeth

the other daily routine activities

in addition to brushing teeth, other routines that often you do every day also contributed burning calories the body, although only in small fraction. the routine is, among others, a shower that can burn 323 kcal/ hour, brushing teeth can burn 191 kcal/ hour, watching tv, sitting and driving, each of which can burn 100 kcal/ hour, eating can burn 35 kcal/ hour, talking on the phone which can burn 85 kcal/ hour, play with children who can burn 231 kcal/ h, as well as shopping which can burn 181 kcal/ hour.

brushing teeth to help healthy diet program

brushing teeth can also help you run a healthy diet program. not only protects the teeth from decay, but this can also be one way to stop eating. taste that is left by the toothpaste will also reduce your appetite; it will make you feel lazy to eat. the same effect also occurs when you gargle with mouthwash. brushing your teeth after dinner also will help you to reduce the desire to eat at night.

well, it was clear how many calories burned brushing teeth? although only a daily routine that is lightweight, brushing teeth contribute to the burning of calories in your body. it is also useful to avoid eating snacks while running the program healthy slim. in fact, this study has been conducted in japan at 14,000 people.

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Updated: October 26, 2015 — 9:07 AM
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