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How Old Should Start Brushing Teeth

How old should start brushing teeth You Should Know

How Old Should Start Brushing Teeth

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We learn many things in childhood including how to brush out teeth. Yet, some parents do not know when to start brushing teeth and how to start it. This is reasonable because we only continuing habit from our parents.

How Old Should Start Brushing Teeth

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In fact, there is a question How old should start brushing teeth from parents. Today we are about to share and give you useful information about this topic so you are not afraid anymore of the time to brush your babies teeth.

how old to start brushing teeth

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Brushing Teeth Time

The role of start brushing teeth is important because this becomes the first time for parents educate their children the importance of brushing teeth. Even before their teeth haven’t sprouts up yet, you are able to clean their gums.

  • For cleaning their gums, you can utilize gauze which is moistened with water.
  • Then, you can continue to clean it with moistened gauze until they get their first white sprout. It is usually appear when they are 4 months.
  • Further, the next step of brushing teeth is when your babies get several teeth. This time is perfect to educate your babies brushing teeth with toothpaste.
  • You should choose the small toothbrush which has soft bristles so it won’t hurt their gums.
  • Also, you can put a small amount of toothpaste. As important as choosing toothbrush, you have to notice the ingredients of toothpaste for babies.
  • Choose the toothpaste which is without fluoride. And you can continue it until they are two years old.
  • For your information, fluoride can poison babies if it is ingested by babies in large quantities.
  • Then, in order to prevent this problem, you should keep your toothpaste out of reach from your babies. Or, after two years old, they can use your toothpaste just in a dot size of rice to brush their teeth.
  • If you are not sure of the toothpaste you should choose, you can ask for your dentist about the dental cleanser that is appropriate to your babies.
When You Discover Your Mum Has Kept Your Old Teeth

When You Discover Your Mum Has Kept Your Old Teeth

How old should start brushing teeth you can start when they are 4 months or around 15 weeks. You have to notice the toothbrush and the ingredients of toothpaste because it shouldn’t contain of fluoride.

And before they have white sprout, you can start with cleaning their gums using moistened gauze. After they have white sprouts, you can brush their teeth with non-fluoride toothpaste.

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