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How to Brush Teeth and Keep Mouth Healthy

Teeth and mouth is an important part of our body that we must keep it healthy. When we can not take care it well, it will caused some disturbances around our teeth and mouth that we can feel, one of it is our breath will smells bad. Of course we can get tooth ache and it’s hurts our teeth much.

Surely that we do not want to have our breath smells bad, it is not good because it will make others reluctant to get close to us. Because of smells bad breath is very disturbing people around us because err, who doesn’t by the way? Well, to keeping our oral health here are some ways that we can practice to make our teeth and mouth stay healthy:

How to Brush Teeth and Keep Mouth Healthy

Tooth brushing our teeth often

Brushing teeth is one easiest way to maintain our oral health, we can do it often. Of course, to perform dental care and mouth with a toothbrush, we do not have to spending much money. We simply set up a toothbrush and a tooth paste. If we want our teeth and mouth stay healthy for a long time, we should take the time to brush our teeth two times a day. We can brush our teeth after meals and before bed. So, our oral will be free from germs that may cause our mouth smells bad.

Don’t consume too much coffee and alcohol

Coffee and alcohol are two drinks that we should avoid when we want our teeth and mouth keep healthy. Oral health is diminished when we consume too much of both. Yes, coffee and alcohol was already known as the drinks that not good for our health, including oral health. So, from now on for those of us who want our mouth and teeth remain healthy for a long time, we should avoid both of these beverages. If we can not do it, at least we can reduce the consumption of coffee and alcohol for the shake of our oral healthy.

Avoid cigarettes

Maybe we already know that cigarettes are able to make our lungs become unhealthy. However, did we know that the effects of smoking not only harmful to the health of our lungs, but also dangerous for the health of our teeth and mouth? People who are too often consume cigarettes, must be looked with brownish teeth and unpleasant mouth odor. Will we keep like that? Hence, to maintain oral health, from now on we need to reduce the consumption of cigarettes for avoiding it smells and oral cancer.

Improve the consumption of fruit and vegetables

Fruit and vegetables are the foods that can be nourished our body. The benefits of vegetables and fruits must be very big. For who want to be maintained those oral health, starting now. Consume fruits and vegetables because these foods will help both the teeth and mouth to be healthier from inside. When we want to consume them regularly, then we will be spared from the name of brittle teeth, smells bad breath and more the risk of oral disease. So, from now on love and eat much vegetables and fruits if we claim that we love our body.

Lemon water

What should we do with this lemon water? The lemon water turns is one of the natural ingredients that we can use to make teeth and mouth naturally healthy. How? If we want our teeth and mouth keep healthy, from now on try to use lemon water mixed with a little salt to our mix while brushing. Reported, those who are already routinely done, the water content of the lemon that has been mixed with the salt can make white teeth and our mouth will smells good.

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