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How To Brush Teeth Of 2 Year Old

How To Brush Teeth Of 2 Year Old in the Right Way

it can be hard to practice how to brush teeth of 2 year old in general. the reason is because 2 years old toddlers commonly assume brushing tooth moment as the unpleasant moment. because of that, sometimes you must to fight for brushing your child’s teeth. actually, the more effective way must be proposed for solving the problem like that for making the better relation between your child and the habit of brushing teeth.

the common fact is that the two year old won’t brush teeth and that is caused by the misunderstanding about brushing teeth’s function. they commonly assume that brushing teeth does not for their good. because of that, they think about brushing teeth as the part of their parent’s order and so they fight to it. you must teach your child little by little to make him understand about the function of brushing teeth for his healthy too.

How To Brush Teeth Of 2 Year Old

the tips to brush 2 year old’s teeth

the simple tips then can be proposes about how to get two year old to brush teeth. besides of teaching your child, you also can give a treat when your child shows the act of brushing his teeth correctly. that can make to change the sense of brushing teeth into the pleasant sense for him. then, they will understand easier about the function of brushing teeth for the future healthy too. when you teach him, you will be easy to get a positive attention.

it is actually bad for making the close relation between toddlers and brushing teeth by using the direct order. besides of making the closer relationship between them, the direct order can give the contrary effect. the toddler can be more rebellious and refuse to brush their teeth. that is the natural characteristic of the toddler during the psychological development of defense mechanism. because of that, you must avoid of using the direct order like that.

you can use the tricks of using the special type of tooth paste and tooth brush for your toddler. that can make more interesting moment for them to brush their teeth. you for example can use the colorful style of both of them. the toddler commonly like to have the colorful things used for their activity. because of that, it can be considered too as the great part of practicing about how to brush teeth of 2 year old.

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Updated: January 11, 2016 — 9:06 AM
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