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How To Brush Teeth Of One Year Old

Step by Step Practicing about How to Brush Teeth of One Year Old

practicing about how to brush teeth of one year old can be easier than practicing the same thing for a baby. the reason is becasue one year old child has more powerful teeth and gum that can make the process of brushing teeth becomes not so different from the process of brushing young people teeth. that is different from the act of brushing baby’s teeth that must be done in more careful way for avoiding the bad result.

however, even if it is easier to be done than how to brush teeth of one month old for example, brushing one year old teeth also must be done carefully too. some aspects must be seen as do not perfect yet in one year old child. so, some careful steps can be composed for making the perfect final result of the brushing teeth process. the steps can be seen below.

How To Brush Teeth Of One Year Old

brushing one year old teeth step by step

the first thing must be noticed from the process of brushing one year old teeth is the aspect of the child’s awareness about the role of brushing teeth. it becomes important for you as a parent for example to give the foundation of the act for keeping the health of your child. that can be started by explaining about brushing teeth role by using the real example from life around.

besides of making the first awareness about it, you also must give the example about the way of brushing teeth for him. at first, you can brush your child teeth but for the second time you must give him the chance for doing that by using his own hand. brushing one year old teeth actually is simple. you can start by using the special tooth brush and special tooth paste while your child is sitting on your lap. that can give you the chance to control your child while you are brushing his teeth.

then, you can give the chance for him to try of practicing how to brush teeth of one year old. if they do that in wrong way, you can guide him to come back into the right way. it will be better for you to give a gift when you find that your child is success in doing that in the right way. that can give more motivation for him to do the same thing again in the next time.

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Updated: December 23, 2015 — 9:09 PM
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