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How To Brush Teeth Of Shih Tzu

The Details about How To Brush Teeth Of Shih Tzu

shih tzu becomes one common choice of the puppy by some people. this kind of dog is the small creature with the unique appearance that can make the funny and lovely sense perfectly. people who commonly like shih tzu are women. for them, it becomes important too to understand the right way about how to brush teeth of shih tzu. if you are the part of them, you must be sure that your shih tzu is in the right healthy condition always.

brushing shih tzu teeth is actually similar into the other dog’s brushing teeth. it for example needs some special tools for making the plain idea of practicing the directions. the idea about practicing it by using the helping tools is the right idea for starting your action. brushing teeth will be easier to be done by some helps like that. of course you must know the details of practicing it too.

How To Brush Teeth Of Shih Tzu

some details about brushing shih tzu teeth

the best brush for shih tzu is commonly done by holding the shih tzu during the time of brushing time. that can prevent your shih tzu from avoiding the tooth brush used. the tooth brush itself must be the special one for puppy. it is a bad choice if you use your tooth brush for brushing your shih tzu’s teeth too because the development of the gum and the teeth also is different between shih tzu and human like you. you can look for this special thing in the market today easily.

that also can be found in a package as the shih tzu teeth cleaning materials with shih tzu tooth paste. you can make your shih tzu used to the tooth paste by putting it into its lips for a week. when your shih tzu is used to the taste and the aroma of the tooth paste, it can be calmer during the brushing teeth moment. the process then can be easier to be done perfectly.

that actually some important details about how to brush teeth of shih tzu. some additional things also can be considered based on your situation. some shih tzu has the special attention into certain thing. you can use it as the treat for making your shih tzu likes to spend its brushing teeth time. the duration of brushing teeth must be counted in short time instead of too longer time.

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Updated: January 9, 2016 — 9:06 AM
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