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How To Brush Teeth Video

How To Brush Teeth Video For The Children

for those who have children, they will get the serious problem as like i face today, it is asking the children to brush their teeth. in the first time, i ask them to clean up their teeth every morning and evening, they will do it only for the front teeth. consequently, their teeth do not grow well. then, i try to make them understand how to maintenance their teeth based on my instruction, but they cannot do it well. the last, i download the tutorial how to brush teeth video for the children.

the instruction on how to brush the teeth

How To Brush Teeth Video

that is the last way that i do and it is effective one. now they understand how to do it. further, on the internet services, there are some videos relating to how to brush teeth video. then, it is better that you write down on the dialogue of the searching box with the letter children. the top rank is the best one and it is a recommended video. first scene, it is how the brushing teeth video explaining the benefits if the children brush their teeth.

besides, how to brush teeth video also shows the animation of the microbes inside mouth. then, the fluoride on the toothbrush washing them away and it gives the effect to the health. second thing is that the video how to brush teeth informs the children about the tutorial and how to hold the toothbrush perfectly in order not to injure their gum. basically, the video is suits for them because the language diction also can be comprehended easily.

the spinning way on video brushing teeth

in short, the video asks the children to pull out the toothpaste on the head toothbrush as a nut size. then, they have to push it into the rare past of the teeth or the molar. with the spinning moving front-up and back-front will wash away the dirt there. then, it is moving into the front teeth. especially on how to brush teeth video, the front teeth is getting the special treatments such as a moving up-down.

for the last on the video how to brushing teeth video is that they have to do it with the same way for the the guidance, i have to see the way they brush and manage their hand that it makes the position 45 degrees. in the same time, the gentle pressure for some parts especially the moving of the spinning. how to brush teeth video mentions that it is the necessary point because the children may throw up because of this.

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Updated: November 21, 2015 — 9:09 PM
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