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How To Brush Teeth With Coconut Oil

The Traditional Concept In How To Brush Teeth With Coconut Oil

some people mention that the traditional method is the old fashion and it does not relate to the technology. in this case, it is like the condition of the coconut oil for brushing. it is proofed by the environments but only some researches concern on this case. then, i try to look for it on some journals. finally, i have found how to brush teeth with coconut oil. this is more interesting than any other ways how to brush teeth with a traditional coconut oil to swish.

for the coconut oil, you can extract it by your selves or you can purchase an essence coconut oil instantly. mostly, it is available on the market. to purchase it, the basic range that you will find is $ 2.00. if you have a difficult to get the pure extract of coconut oil, you can replace it with other oil with the same essence and still follow how to brush teeth with coconut oil.

How To Brush Teeth With Coconut Oil

the advantages coconut oil

before swishing with the coconut oil, it is better that you should understand the advantages using coconut oil as how to brush teeth. at least, there are there advantages. first thing is that your teeth will be brighter. it happens because coconut oil has an extract to remove the plague and the brushing will do the rest by releasing all the plagues. second advantages applying how to brush teeth with coconut oil is that your teeth will be stronger, it is the followed advantages when the bacteria are gone. the last is that the mouth will be fresh and it impacts to the smell.

the preparation of coconut oil

to make a mixture in how to brush teeth with coconut oil for swishing is quite simple. first, you have to prepare the fork, the mixing bowl, table spoon, the toothbrush, and the cup of glass. the second, you have to mix the coconut oil with the backing soda. it is about two tablespoon and you can give it water on the bowl. put them on the glass and swish it about 15 minutes.

then, you have to split it out. for the result, how brushing teeth with coconut oil will appear about a week to two weeks. then, you can use it intensively only once a day. that is surely giving a different on your mouth based on the advantages above. as the last, you can discuss with your personal dentist in order to check the changing of your teeth after applying how to brush teeth with coconut oil.

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Updated: April 18, 2016 — 9:10 AM
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