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How To Brush Teeth Without Toothbrush

brush teeth without toothbrush

brush teeth without toothbrush

How To Brush Teeth Without Toothbrush

Alternative of How to Brush Teeth without Toothbrush or Toothpaste

dental care is the duty of every person that should be done every day, even in every time. generally, brushing teeth is done at least twice a day; after eating and before sleep. but the next question is, after eating which one? whether after breakfast, after lunch, dinner, or eat anything? this is the point that must be clarified in detail. if the question is after breakfast, which means after lunch or after dinner does not need to brush the teeth? it is why there is an idea regarding how to brush teeth without toothbrush.

then, if the question is should brush the teeth after eat, it means that every time we eat something should always brush our teeth. for example, if we are going to breakfast in office or outside the home, should we bring the toothbrush equipment wherever we go? obviously it is not, because essentially dental care is not necessarily with a toothbrush. there are many ways that we can do to care of teeth in order to keep the health of our teeth and our mouth. so don’t be confused anymore about brushing or how to brush teeth electric toothbrush, and about other ways.

Using baking soda

for some people the health and clean teeth is not enough. they need more such as using braces or want to make the teeth more white and shiny. here are some tips to make the teeth to be more white and shiny and how to brush your teeth without toothbrush. the first is please preparing one cup of baking soda. then prepare also the toothbrush. remember that use your own toothbrush, don’t use someone’s toothbrush. then take a little baking soda and rub to your teeth as usual. several times later, you have the white teeth and shiny.

Using lemon and salt

the next alternative to dental care is using pasta lemon and salt. make natural toothpaste is made from natural material will make our teeth become more health naturally and more save in longer time. using the pasta lemon and salt is also believed to make the teeth more white and clean. the lemon pasta can remove the dirt on the surface of the tooth. the key is doing it continuously or regularly to get the optimal result.

the last alternative of how to brush your teeth without toothbrush or toothpaste is using the orange peel. with the orange peel is rubbed into the inside of our teeth, just like brushing our teeth usually with regular, it also can help whiten the teeth. the orange peel is believed can remove the dirt or plaque on the teeth harm tooth enamel. those are some information about the alternative for dental care and also regarding how to brush teeth without toothbrush.

How Do You Brush Your Teeth Without a Toothbrush By Using Several Items

generally, people clean their teeth by using toothbrush. but then, sometimes when you do travelling you might forget about bringing the toothbrush. moreover, to brush your teeth in a journey routinely will be pretty difficult too. whereas we have to brush our teeth in order to keep the health and the cleanness of our teeth. but then, there are several items that can replace the function of toothbrush in cleaning your teeth. the items are easy to find and natural. so, how do you brush your teeth without a toothbrush will be solved.

The items to be used when you brush your teeth without toothbrush

actually, there many items that can be used to replace the function of toothbrush. you can use cinnamon which has been mixed with water to gargle. the cinnamon has some benefits such as killing the bacteria. furthermore, now there is a chewing gum which is made from cinnamon. it will make you easier in chew it.

other than cinnamon, there are several fibrous fruits which have function in brushing teeth to get rid of food residue. the fibrous fruits are carrot, star fruit, pineapple, apple and celery. the sugarless popcorn also has the same function as those fruits. those all can be consume as the dessert after eating heavy food. hence, brushing teeth without toothbrush can be done in easy way when you are not in a condition to use toothbrush.

afterwards, brushing teeth without toothbrush also can be done by drinking water. water is able to keep fresh breathing and cleaning mouth. most people might not know about it. water also can get a rid of bacteria. even though gargling with water will clean the teeth for a while, it will reduce the risk of holing tooth. it will also avoid the shape of plague in your teeth.

how do you brush your teeth without a toothbrush also can be done by drinking tasteless tea. the tasteless tea is able to against the bacteria that usually adhere in the teeth. the contents will also against the production of sugar which intends to damage your teeth. the fluoride content will make the teeth stronger. brushing your teeth without toothbrush will be easier when you know the function of the items around you. people a long time ago also did not use toothbrush in cleaning their teeth. they use pounding brick or charcoal to brush their teeth.

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