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How to care and maintain healthy teeth in toddlers?

MAINTENANCE milk teeth should not be underestimated. Good milk teeth determines the quality of the permanent teeth will grow. Besides milk teeth healthy helps better mastication process, thereby maximizing the absorption of nutrients and this helps the process of development of the child.

Dental care for children in early growth can be practically easy bother because there is a little child who is a fussy when his first tooth growth.

How to care and maintain healthy teeth in toddlers?

Note the variation of the time. There are children who already appeared white stripe on his gums since birth. But there is also the age of 6 months-1 year will be teething.

Is it hard to clean the child’s teeth? Fruit heart was the age of 5 years would be more easily taught, while children are still in the category of under three years (toddlers) need patience to make the child continues to repeat the habit of cleaning your teeth. Mothers do not give up well for this activity, for children ages toddler is usually consume milk. If the rest of the milk that settles in the mouth is not cleaned will trigger the growth of bacteria that cause cavities.

There are some things that should dperhatikan children how to brush teeth in the gums or teeth that do not hurt.

  • Brush your child’s teeth using a clean cloth or sterile gauze. How: enter the index with a cloth or gauze that has been moistened with warm water, then rub into your child’s teeth. Another way to use a special toothbrush (made of rubber material that can be entered on the index’s mother)
  • If your child’s teeth already growing, clean the baby’s teeth with a special brush (soft brush texture).
  • At the age of 18-24 months, get used to the child in order to hold the toothbrush itself. The trick: encourage children to brush your teeth in the mirror and tell me the importance of brushing teeth.Parents can gather information in advance about dental health in order to be sharing with the child while brushing.
  • As the age of the child is to understand the language, teach him to brush their teeth properly. The trick: give instructions so that children rubbed with a small circle on the teeth. Then scrub forward and backward (area teeth used for biting and chewing), then brush the tongue area with a special tongue cleaner
  • Introduce fluoridated toothpaste at toddler age. Tell also that fluoride can protect teeth from damage and help premature deterioration. Pam water, toothpaste, and vitamin supplements can be a source of fluoride drops.
  • Good nutrition in children is essential for strengthening the gums and teeth. Some foods that can reduce dental caries is nuts. Fruits, vegetables, and milk are also important for strong bones and teeth.
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Updated: February 28, 2016 — 9:09 AM
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