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How To Get Motivated To Brush Teeth

How To Get Motivated To Brush Teeth For Children

brushing teeth is a must in daily life. it is a treatment to keep healthy your teeth and even your beautiful smile. people should do brushing at least two times for a day in the morning after having breakfast and in the night before going to bed. doing it has to be habituated since child. furthermore, most children are not interested in brushing their teeth. so that, they need to get motivated to do it. there are several ways how to get motivated to brush teeth for children.

how to get motivated to brush teeth for children by fun activity

How To Get Motivated To Brush Teeth

to motivated children brushing their teeth sometimes is not an easy job. you have to make them interested in brushing and think that brushing their teeth is fun to do. hence, let them feel that brushing is fun activity to do every day. furthermore, let children brush their teeth without using toothbrush. this will make them feel free to do it whenever they want even in front of television or on the bed.

other than that, children also can brush their teeth while doing their hobbies. there are able to do it while watching their favorite television program, listening to music they like or even playing games. by doing this, they will not get boring and think that brushing is really fun to do.

how to get motivated to brush teeth for children by giving reward

giving some rewards for children when they can brush their teeth in their own also will help them to get motivated brushing teeth. some children will get more motivation in doing something when they get reward. the reward you can give is something that they really like. then, you can also give them something like sticker every they do brushing. when they have reached certain number of the sticker, you can give reward too such as their favorite toy or books.

afterwards, you also have to give them understanding that brushing teeth is important. hence, you have to give them a good example too. you have to do brushing with them sometimes. beside they will know that everyone do brushing, the can ask anything to you when they do not get understand about how to do it correctly. moreover, you have to take them to dentist too. the dentist will not only help you giving way in how to get motivated to brush teeth but also educate them.

Updated: March 12, 2018 — 9:23 PM
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