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Natural Brush Teeth to Make Teeth Whiter

Having yellowish teeth is kind of annoying, because it makes we can not smile wider. Well who can careless? It has a quite big impact to our look. Well, the yellow teeth themselves are usually caused by tartar accumulate on the tooth itself, and tartar usually stay in the teeth because some things such as: habit of consuming alcohol, smoking, too often consuming hot drinks such as coffee and tea and many more.

To resolve this yellow teeth problem, we can take an advantage of some natural ways using natural ingredients that are around us, what to do? Let’s see the information about how to whiten our teeth based in following natural way below :

Natural Brush Teeth to Make Teeth Whiter

Brush our teeth regularly

For the first thing and it become our first priority when we want to have whiter teeth. The content contained in toothpaste can make our teeth become stronger, and certainly cleaner. Make a routine of brushing teeth regularly every day in the morning, afternoon and evening. Make sure that we done it especially after meal of drinking coffee or tea. So our tooth will always be cleaned from our previously consumed meal and drink.

Take the advantage from apple

Apple has a crunchy texture when bitten by us, and this fruit is one of we needed to helps our teeth to be whiter. Because, when our teeth start to bite the apple, the tooth will be honed and part of pieced from our previous food that sticks to our teeth that potentially become tartar will carry on the apple consumption. Consumed apples, like the green one have a level of crispness that is much higher than red apples. So when we do not like to eat apples before, try to love that delicious fruit for the sake of our teeth to prevent it becoming yellowness or to make our teeth become whiter.

Take the advantage from orange peel

Orange peel in trusted by people can be make our teeth become whiter because of the content contained in orange peel. Orange peel can make our teeth whiter when we rubs our teeth with the orange peel. Do it daily, until we get the best results we want for whiter teeth.

Use a combination of lemon and salt and mix it

The content of lemon mixed with salt is trusted by peoples will effectively help whiten teeth. It is quite easy and we can just do it at our home for create a solution from salt and lemon juice and use the mixture to whiten our teeth. Do the step by step regularly until we get the results we want.

Use the betel nut and take the advantage from it

To make our teeth whiter, we can take an advantage from betel nuts. What we should do is simply fuel betel nut until charred, then we can use the charcoal to rub our teeth. Make sure to do it routine so we can get the best result as well.

Take the advantage from siwak

To make our teeth whiter, we can take advantage from siwak to brush our teeth. Siwak is a part of that plant that has a soft texture. What to do? We can just brushing our teeth using siwak. The way brushing teeth with siwak has been done by people in ancient times. And yes it is come from nature so we don’t have to worry about it side effect.

Use strawberries

Strawberries have the same thing with the apple, both can make our teeth become whiter because there is a high content of vitamin c contained. So, don’t hesitate ourselves to have this fruit as regular consumption from now on.

Updated: February 16, 2018 — 9:17 PM
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