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Teeth Whitening Process

OFFICE whiten teeth bleaching is a method that is most often attractive to young women because the process is very fast. In just 30 minutes, the teeth appear whiter.

Teeth Whitening Amazing Result

Teeth Whitening Amazing Result

Most women who are interested in doing bleaching because they want to improve the appearance. I’m not confident.

Teeth Whitening Process

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He was keen to whiten their teeth after seeing celebrities and friends to do the same.

Many clients who come to whiten teeth. On average they want instant, and fast. So, I applied office bleaching. Because, if offic e, he came with a condition of the teeth brown and white straight home already. Directly visible difference.

For the process, office bleaching takes only 30 minutes. Having ascertained the patient’s gums are healthy, the gums will be given a coating. Then, open tooth pores. After that, the new applied hydrogen peroxide, bleach the teeth. The last stage is irradiation.

Tooth whitening techniques with office bleaching remains risky side effects. Teeth can become sore because the pores open. In addition, the teeth will be more sensitive to stains.

Regarding the side effects that may arise after bleaching, They claimed to have been well aware. He will obey all the restrictions physician in order to maintain the durability of the brilliant teeth. I should not eat too extreme.

You restrictions placed not far from food and beverages ‘stained’. For example, coffee, tea, or foods containing artificial coloring. If you eat vegetables, meat, and chicken, that there are no restrictions at all.

In addition, drinks that are too hot or too cold should be avoided. ” Effect on the vitality of the tooth, ” he said.

In addition, patients are advised not to eat a minimum of an hour after the bleaching process. When clients obedient, the teeth whitening methods can last for two years.

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Updated: November 27, 2015 — 9:07 PM
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