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Learn How To Brush Teeth Now, We provide information related how to keep your teeth clean, How to brush teeth properly? Proper Techniques Brushing Teeth for yours

Why do you need to brush your teeth?

In the 1890’s, fluoride is use to the toothpaste as active ingredient because containing calcium fluoride.

Please use toothpaste that contain fluoride. We recommend to use toothpaste that doesn’t substances containing detergents. Sometimes you can buy toothpaste contain peroxide, the ingredient found in tooth bleaching gels for whitening teeth.

Why do you need to brush your teeth?

Usually dentists recommend to brush teeth every morning and night before going to sleep. You can also brush your teeth after eating to clean the leftover food stuck between the teeth.

Brushing teeth is important activity for us to do every time to keep our teeth healthy. World Health Organization says clean teeth can help people to avoid bacteria which can harm the body immune, That is why do you need to brush your teeth.




Updated: January 18, 2018 — 9:08 AM
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